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Frequently asked questions

About TheHairguru

What is TheHairguru?

TheHairguru is the online video platform for hairdressers presented by hairdressers!

Je could see us as your technical video magazine. We present new step by step videos with professional  information almost every week. went live 15 October 2010.

Who is Chapelstreet Media V.O.F.?

Chapelstreet Media V.O.F. is our company name. You'll also see it in the payment module and on your bank statement.

Who is who at TheHairguru?

Celine Schut and Willy Gout started TheHairguru.

Celine is responsible for the camera work, the editing of the videos and organizes the days of shooting. When you call or mail us, she is your contact person.

Willy is a hairdresser ( himself and is editor and cameraman for TheHairguru.

Can I take part in TheHairguru?

Yes! If you or your organization likes to share ideas, talent and skills with our viewers. TheHairguru is all about inspiration and sharing ideas.

Please contact us here.

What can I do if I've forgotten my password?

If you've forgotten your password, click here.

How can I change my details?

If you are logged in, you can change your details in your profile.

How are my personal details protected?

Check our Privacy Policy here.

I can't find my question. How can I contact TheHairguru?

Mail us via the contact form or

Our company is registered at Kapelstraat 1b, 7311 BK Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

About the videos

What can I expect from the videos?

These videos are created for professionals hairdressers. They deal in detail with professional step by step techniques, and give you a peek behind the scenes.

The latest cut, colours and styles! You, the professional, have the opportunity to have so much expertise at your fingertips!

Get acces to our complete library, register here.


Can I choose what and/or who I'd like to see?

Yes please, we'd like to know what interests you!

Mail us here.

Is it possible to upload my own videos on TheHairguru?

Yes if you have a good quality of content in your videos and show either inspirational, tutorial or eductional information for hairdressers. Obviously, we must be convinced that it fits on TheHairguru.

Contact us here.  

Why can't I see the videos?

Check whether your PC meets the following specifications:

Desktop: Internet Explorer 7/8/9, Chrome *, *** Firefox, Safari *, Opera *
Mobile: iOS *, Android 2.3, Android 4
Video: Flash 9.0 or HTML5 support
* Last, and most used versions
** Firefox users can only use the Flash video player.

Can you still not see the videos? Let us know via the contact form!

How can I search for a video?

You can search for keywords in the bar above the video on the right. Use this search engine to search for words that we use or hairdresser or salon.

About acces to TheHairguru

What does access to TheHairguru cost?

A subscription costs:

Please note, all prices are excl. 21% VAT 





Per year

€ 112.50

Cancel before end of term

You pay once for the first periode, after that the membership is automatically debited at the end of each month or year.

Would you like more than 1 account? Use the Salon Deal! Receive a great discount when signing up 2 or more users. Ideal for your teammembers, a school, supplier or chains!

Typos and price changes reserved.  


Where can I register?

To get full acces to all our videos, register here.

What should I do if I can't register?

Check whether you've filled in all the correct details required for the registration process. If you don't receive a confirmation email, also check your SPAM file (unwanted mail).

If you still can't register, let us know via the contact form or mail us at

Will I receive an official invoice?

Yes. Make sure your personal or company details are filled in correctly in your profile. The confirmation mail received after payment can serve as an invoice and includes the compulsory specifications. You can always change your subscription details in your profile.

It’s always possible to download your invoices in your profile.

Which is the best method of payment?

You can choose for:

- Direct debit, pay with your regular card (Germany, Belgium and Holland)
- Credit cards, like Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American express
- PayPal
- It is also possible to do a banktransfer, contact us here

Choose whichever is easiest for you!

The payment method doesn't work. What can I do now?

It's possible that the payment module has a temporary problem. Does it not work as it should do? Let us know as quickly as possible via the contact form!